Hotel Colibri Managua 20/07/2016 0

Support for small producers

Camino Nuevo is a line of handcrafted jewelry produced by a women's cooperative comprised of former residents of Nicaragua's municipal dump, La Chureca. The cooperative strives to help this group of women earn a more sustainable living...

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Hotel Colibri Managua 15/09/2016 0

Nicaragua Independence Day

In 1502 Cristobal Colón made his last trip to the Antilles or Caribbean Sea looking for land that was not just an island. Sailing south along the coast of what is now Honduras, a very characteristic storm came even today...

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Hotel Colibri Managua 15/09/2017 0

Managua’s most beautiful places

With an excellent savannah tropical weather, Managua, the biggest city and the capital of Nicaragua, attracts tourists from all over the world as one of the favorite areas in the country...

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Hotel Colibri Managua 19/11/2017 0

World day in memory of the victims of traffic accidents, november 19th

Around 1.25 million people die each year from traffic accidents, according to the 2015 World Security Situation Report. In addition, 90% of those killed are in low and middle income countries, which they only have 54% of the vehicles registered...

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Hotel Colibri Managua 06/03/2018 0

Belle Jewelry in the heart of Managua

Nace en el corazón de la zona comercial de Managua, una nueva joyería llamada Joyería Belle. Belle proviene del francés que significa en nuestro idioma bella. Y bella es la sorpresa que puede darle sus instalaciones...

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